Lily Gloria presented her first solo exhibition, ‘Everything is Fine’ – A Series of Portraits in June of 2015 in her home town of Melbourne at the new and exciting venue of ‘Easey’s’ in Collingwood.

Two-years in the making, Everything is Fine explored the artists at the height of their passion. Through the hands of musicians to chefs, Lily intimately captured these artists in their individual act of creation.

The hands, unknowingly the vehicle that allow us to create, carry the weight of the process behind each creation. A collection of self-portraits documenting a period of personal struggle and growth for the artist rounded off the series to give a comprehensive look in to Lily Gloria’s deep fascination with the human hand.

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Self Portrait 1

Self Portrait 2

Self Portrait 4Self Portrait 3

Kerser Portrait Dad Portrait Chloe Portrait Ali PortraitTim Portrait